About Life Sciences Society


Life Sciences Society (LSS) is one of Pakistan's leading scientific societies. It is a non-government, non-partisan and not-for-profit membership organization committed to regional development through fostering research culture in the region. LSS was formed in 2013 with the aim to contribute to the region through promoting research activities amongst the life sciences researchers’ community and channelizing outcome of that research for the development.


To influence the social and developmental processes of the region through promotion of research activities in life sciences fields


Organize groups of researchers and life scientists throughout the world, with particular focus to Asian region, who have skills and interested to bring improvements through enhanced research activities in life sciences which are beneficial to them and the community.

Organizational Theme

Development through Research and Education

Strategic Focus

To promote basic and applied research activities in the field of life sciences for adding to developmental process of the region.


  1. Conduct research, analysis and dissemination of data regarding issues of regional/global importance in the field of life sciences through publication of scientific journals and other relevant information
  2. Stimulate dialogue and debate on a regional level to promote discourse on relevant development issues.
  3. Organize conferences, symposia, workshops and seminars on the pertinent life sciences issues affecting the livelihood and development of the people of the region
  4. Empower local life sciences researchers to play an active role in advocating and transforming the direction of development in their communities
  5. Promote strategies for the long term socio-economic development of the region by focusing on One Health Initiatives
  6. To promote human and animal rights by stressing on ethical research
  7. Enhancing levels of cooperation, coordination and participation among research organizations regionally and globally